Floor Refinishing Aventura

Being a homeowner means always having some kind of repairs and renovations to deal with, and always being on the lookout for skilled contractors. 

This is where The Floor Boys comes in handy! We offer professional epoxy floor refinishing services throughout Aventura, Florida.

Our Epoxy Flooring Services:

Residential Floor Refinishing

We provide floor refinishing services for residential homes. An epoxy or concrete floor refinishing is ideal for garages or other high-traffic areas in the home, as the finish is hard-wearing and durable. Epoxy floors can be refinished if they have been damaged or lost their shine, but you do need a professional to properly prepare the floors to make sure the Epoxy adheres correctly, and you have a garage floor polish that is long-lasting and looks great. 

Commercial Floor Refinishing

Commercial Floors are usually found in large public buildings like schools, universities, or hospitals where there is a lot more foot traffic than your average residential home. Commercial floors need much higher levels of protection from wear and tear and spills and dirt. 

Epoxy is a very popular choice for commercial floors, especially in commercial kitchens. This is because Epoxy is both waterproof and very resistant to high levels of heat. Concrete floor refinishing for a commercial setting is a bit different to residential concrete flooring, as the floor will need to be rated for a lot of use. 

We offer a wide range of commercial floor refinishing services to keep your floors safe, smart, and durable. We understand that when it comes to your floors, you need them to last a long time, while still looking good. That is why our team offers a variety of floor refinishing services for businesses in Aventura, Florida, and a wide range of other floor care options to keep your floors looking their best, like waxing, buffing, stripping, and more.

Benefits of Floor Refinishing

The first benefit of having your floor professional refinished is that it can change the overall appearance of your space. A refinish feels like a fresh coat of paint for outdated floors, especially with Epoxy, which can be used for a decorative finish. 

In many cases, a well-finished floor can increase property values. Even a garage floor polish can appeal to buyers and shows the property has been well-cared for.  

Another benefit of refinishing is that each layer can be sealed against possible wear-and-tear damage, which could otherwise ruin the entire floor if it was left without protection. Epoxy and concrete are both very durable and respond well to foot traffic, heat, and water.  

When refinishing your floors, you can easily choose between hiring a professional or doing the task yourself. The benefit of hiring us is that we have all the tools and materials needed to do the job well. We also know exactly what type of finish will be the best for your flooring type and how long each step should take. Give us a call today to discuss your flooring needs and we promise to deliver the best services.