Epoxy and Concrete Polish

Concrete floors don’t just exist in garages. They exist on many first floor rooms in more modern homes. Many homeowners have older homes with recently finished basements and a new home could benefit from a floor resurfacing. Let’s take a look at how the different types of finishing services that The Floor Boys offers can be of benefit to you.

Polishing Versus Epoxy Floor Refinishes

There are benefits to using either epoxy or concrete polish to refinish a floor in your home. Epoxy is water resistant, provides a slip proof surface and will withstand most chemical spills. Epoxy is commonly used in commercial flooring projects. Concrete polishing provides a smooth and clan surface that does not scratch or peel. Epoxy has a tendency to scratch somewhat more easily than polish. When a concrete floor is finished, it reflects light more brightly and stays pretty free of dirt and debris.

Both surfaces are pretty easy to clean. A polished concrete surface will only need swept or mopped on occasion, whereas epoxy will need some additional cleaning products to remove dirt and debris that has been built over time.

Benefits of Epoxy and Polish For Refinishing Your Floor

In some colder climates, concrete polish is not always desirable. In Miami and the surrounding area, which has a pretty mild climate year round you can use both types of finishing with no problem. Polished concrete is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing than epoxy. It can also last up to a decade if taken care of properly. Concrete polish is also pretty durable and will handle most traffic and stress. On the other hand, epoxy is also very durable. It can last for up to 5 years and withstand heavy stress, like machinery and traffic. Epoxy is a slightly better solution for spaces, like basements and garages, where you may store chemicals. Epoxy flooring hides a lot of imperfections.

Residential Floor Refinishing in Miami

If you have a concrete floor anywhere in your home, it will need to be sealed or waxed every three to nine months. They can be susceptible to settling and cracking over time, especially if the floor is in a garage or a basement. Sometimes, it is even more susceptible to cracks if the floor has been converted into a residential space. For example, if you recently finished a basement and kept the existing concrete, the floor might be susceptible to cracks just after your project is done. This is the time when you want to use an epoxy or polish finish.

Let’s say that you want to take advantage of a lighting situation in a room. You may want to elect to use concrete polish since it’s a little brighter. Epoxy may be a little bit better for a laundry room in your basement to handle detergent spills if they ever happen, since epoxy is a little bit more tolerant of chemicals.

Commercial Floor Refinishing In Miami

The property epoxy floor finish has several different benefits, such as improving a floor’s weight-bearing ability and resistance to impacts. Epoxy is also highly resistant to puncture and abrasion. It is most suitable for situations where food and beverages are served and processed and when there are chemical processing and manufacturing operations going on.

Polishing a concrete floor in a commercial situation is appropriate if there is going to be moderate traffic in the area and no harsh chemicals. Generally speaking, concrete polishing is going to be a more affordable option than epoxy.

Refinishing Your Floor Versus Other Options

Refinishing your concrete floor has several benefits over other options, like tile:

  • Your concrete floor, after refinishing, will be very easy to maintain and clean. All you have to do is sweep day-to-day, and mop occasionally if needed.
  • You will not have to worry about grout lines.
  • Concrete is more hypoallergenic than other surfaces that collect dust and allergens, like carpe.
  • Your concrete, after refinishing, will have an extended lease on life. Concrete polish is good for about a decade, while epoxy will last for anywhere from 3 to 5 years, maybe even longer.
  • Concrete floors are very eco-efficient. They are easier to keep a room cool during warm days.

The Process for Refinishing a Concrete Floor

The process for refinishing a concrete floor will vary upon the products being used, but our professional team will generally follow these steps:

  • We’ll prepare and repair the floor, making sure that the concrete surface is porous, while making sure that any cracks or other damage get fixed.
  • We’ll clean and prime the surface before we get started.
  • We’ll apply the overlay and then make sure that it is appropriately sealed.

Floor Refinishing Commonly Asked Questions

How do extreme climates impact floor refinishing projects?

The Floor Boys have several different epoxy and polish products available for different types of temperature extremes. We will determine the best fit for your floor after consulting with you on your floor’s foot traffic, chemical exposure, and your specific environment. We will come up with a custom finishing recommendation that will fit your needs.

How is it possible to keep a new floor from blistering?

If you are hiring The Floor Boys to do some finishing on a newly installed concrete floor, we highly recommend waiting for a certain period for the concrete to cure. The industry recommends 28 days, but sometimes this is not enough time. Once a floor has reached a specific humidity level, it is appropriate to start to apply a finish. Sometimes, you may need to wait more than 28 days to finish a concrete floor.

What is the best option to refinish a concrete floor on a budget?

Both epoxy and concrete polish are viable ways to refinish a floor. If you have to make a choice between epoxy and polish, and no chemicals will be present, then we recommend going with concrete polish as it is a more affordable option.

How long will it take to refinish a floor?

When a concrete floor is polished, it will generally take 2 to 3 days to complete. You’ll be able to use the floor immediately after it is resurfaced. When epoxy is applied, Epoxy will take around the same amount of time, but you will have to wait 24 hours before using it. Heavier items, like tool benches and cars, will have to be left off a freshly epoxied floor for as long as 72 hours.

How does The Floor Boys take care of customers?

If you request an estimate from us, we come out and give you a scheduled start date and project finish date. We don’t require a downpayment and you won’t have to pay for our services until you are satisfied with the work.