Miami Epoxy Garage Floor

Miami, FL Garage Floor  Refinishing 

Are you looking to have your garage floor polished or refinished? The Floor Boys is a Miami, FL garage floor refinishing and we can either polish or apply an epoxy finish to your garage floor. Here are some of the benefits of refinishing your garage floor:

  • It increases your home’s value and makes the garage a much more inviting place if you are using it for family events, like graduation parties and reunions.
  • It protects against stains and moisture, as most epoxies and polishing will protect against stains, spills, and moisture.
  • A professional team can have your garage completed in just a few hours, so it won’t be too much of a drain on your time.
  • The floor won’t require as much maintenance over time. You’ll only need to sweep up dirt or debris and it will lessen the likelihood of your garage floor cracking.

Epoxy For Finishing Your Garage Floor

Epoxy has some benefits over traditional paint (some people do paint their garage floors). Epoxy is a product that utilizes resins and hardeners, creating enhanced durability for your garage floor. It’s thicker than paint and creates a strong bond with your concrete garage floor. Epoxy is a flexible material, so if your concrete floor expands, the epoxy helps it bond together so that it doesn’t crack.

Another benefit of epoxy is that it is resistant to standard chemicals that are found in your garage, such as gasoline, oil, and certain types of cleaners. It also handles wear and tear, being able to withstand extreme pressure differentials (like the high or low temperatures your garage might experience during the different seasons). Sometimes, you may have to avoid parking your car in the garage for a while.

Polishing Your Garage Floor

Miami, FL is the perfect climate for a polished garage floor. In more winter-like climates, polishing your garage floor is not always recommended, but in more temperate climates, it’s another way that you can keep your garage floor looking great. The benefits of a polished concrete floor include stain resistance (not as good as epoxy, but close enough), light reflectivity, easy cleaning, and durability. Also, polishing is a good option because it makes the concrete floor less slippery.

Garage Floor Refinishing for Greater Miami

The Floor Boys are a little bit different than your standard home improvement team. We do a free estimate, don’t require a downpayment, and only charge you when the work is done. We are professional, prepared for our work, but most importantly, the only sign that you’ll know we were there is an improved garage floor.

To get a quote for epoxy garage floor or polished concrete floors , just give us a call at (855) 356-6788 or email us at