Floor Refinishing Miami Beach

Most of us have to admit that it’s not easy being a homeowner. There are always repairs and renovations going on in the house, and we never know when we’re going to find ourselves looking for one contractor or another. 

This is where The Floor Refinishing Company comes in handy! We offer professional floor refinishing services throughout Miami Beach, Florida – so you can be assured that no matter what your needs may be, we will handle them with care.

Our Services:

Residential Floor Refinishing

We provide floor refinishing services for residential homes. The process includes cleaning the surface, sanding, and removing all paints or stains before applying a new sealant coat. This is to give your floors that just-done look while protecting against spills and other damages with your hardwood surfaces. 

We can also help you choose which type of material best suits your needs:

  • Resilient vinyl planks (RVP)
  • Laminate wood, or 
  • Ceramic tile

These are in various colors – making it easy to find something that fits both styles and budget!

Commercial Floor Refinishing

Commercial Floors often get used in large public buildings like schools, universities, or hospitals where there is a lot more foot traffic than residential homes, so they need higher levels of protection from wear and tear and spills and dirt. 

There are two types of commercial flooring, resilient and non-resilient. Resilient floors offer more protection from dirt accumulation but can be slippery when wet, so they should only get used in high-traffic areas with minimal potential fall risk. 

Non-resilient floors have a rougher surface which increases traction even though it doesn’t protect against water or chemicals and other options. This material should only be used for lower foot traffic areas like offices with carpeted hallways to reduce noise levels.

We offer a wide range of commercial floor refinishing services. We know that when it comes to your business floors, you want them looking their best and at the same time durable. That is why our team offers both hardwood and laminate installation/refinishing services for businesses in Miami-Dade County and all types of other materials like waxing, buffing, stripping, and more.

Benefits of Floor Refinishing

The first benefit you should know about floor refinishing is that it can change the overall appearance of your space. It provides a fresh coat of paint for any old or outdated floors, giving them an entirely new look and feel. 

In many cases, it increases property values and even provides home sellers as much as $15,000 more on average when they decide to invest in this type of project before putting their homes up for sale. 

Another benefit is that with every layer removed from the topmost surface during this process comes another opportunity to seal those surfaces underneath against possible wear-and-tear damage, which could otherwise ruin the entire flooring system over time. Get in touch with us to gain from these benefits. 

When refinishing floors, you can easily choose between hiring a professional or doing the task yourself. The benefit of hiring us is that we have all the tools and materials necessary for the job. We also know precisely what type of finish will be appropriate for your flooring type and how long each step should take. On top of this, our experts can handle deep scratches on wood floors. Give us a call today and we promise to deliver the best services.