Floor Refinishing Hialeah

If you need to resurface and protect your concrete surfaces, we are here for you. We can protect your flooring against any harsh impacts and transform your space, leaving it with a beautiful finish that we know you will be proud of.  With epoxy and concrete polish services in Hialeah, The Floor Boys can be of benefit to you. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business leader, we can provide a number of finishing services for your particular needs. 

The Benefits Of Epoxy And Concrete Polish

The climate is mild most of the year round in Hialeah, so you can use both types of finishing with no problem. Epoxy is a cost-effective and affordable option and is known for its durability. It can last for up to 5 years and withstand heavy stress, be that from the constant footfall of people moving to and fro, or the appliances and machines you regularly use. It can bear the brunt of heavy shock, chemical spills, heat, and water, and unlike some types of flooring, is unlikely to show signs of damage. 

Polished concrete is more aesthetically pleasing than epoxy and it is also very durable. It can last up to 10 years if taken care of properly so is a very worthwhile investment. 

Both types of flooring are low-maintenance and spills can be managed with ease. Talk to us to learn more about the benefits of each for your home or business. 

Residential Floor Refinishing In Hialeah

If there are concrete floors anywhere in your home, you will need to seal or wax them every 3-9 months. This is because cracks can appear over time, ruining the appearance of your flooring and causing safety issues. For these reasons, you should consider either an epoxy or concrete polish finish. Your flooring will become more pleasant in appearance and you will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls in your home. 

Both types of finish can be recommended, although it depends on the rooms where refinishing is needed. Concrete polish is a little brighter than epoxy, so is ideal for rooms that require more light. And epoxy is often better for laundry rooms, garages, and other areas where there is a risk of chemical spills. Both can be customized according to your wishes, so talk to us to learn more. 

Commercial Floor Refinishing In Hialeah

Safety is key in any commercial environment, especially in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. Epoxy and concrete polish offers a number of benefits and both can be considered for your business premises. Epoxy is ideal for situations where there is a lot of manufacturing or chemical processes going on, due to its durability and resistance to impacts. Concrete polishing is ideal for areas needing better light reflectivity or for when a particular aesthetic is needed for the commercial space. It’s also a more affordable option than epoxy which is why it’s sometimes the first choice for money-conscious business owners. 

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